What are Animal Riders?
Animal Riders are adventurers who ride our safe, padded motorized versions of different kinds of animals. They operate easily by the push of a button and move at walking speed making them easy to keep up with.

How old do you have to be to become an Animal Rider?
Most children ages 3 and above can maneuver and steer the animals without help. Younger children would need extra supervision from an older child or caretaker.

Where can Animal Riders ride?

Most malls allow free roaming, except in stores or the food court, but some locations have designated riding areas that will be explained at the time of rental.

Can I rent them for parties or events?
YES! You can host an event or party at the malls they are located in. 

Do you have any discounts for frequent customers?
Yes! We love the avid Animal Rider! Ask at our mall location about the Frequent Animal Rider Discount!

What do you feed the animals?
For those who don’t have an imagination, the animals actually aren’t real. For the rest of us, we know that some animals prefer a healthy plant diet while others are meat eaters. And most of our Animal Riders get along just fine with Animal Crackers and milk.